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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Solution selling...

Earlier this week I had an epiphany, dunno if that is the right word for it but it will do for now, that was initiated by a Solutions Selling course I attended – this would have to be the best course that I have attended over the last couple of years (and it is not even technically focused!) This course really resonated with me, highlighting the areas in which we focus on mistakenly when selling, being the products/services of the selling organization versus the value-add for the customer that these contribute to. It is about repackaging the selling message that will more effectively resonate with the customer, assisting with identifying and solving their problems, all in a collaborative win-win fashion. The technical implementation details come later; most of us technologists are all guilty of thinking through the technical solution too quickly without fully understanding the customers’ issues – we need to be better proponents of Active Listening. Listen more, talk less!

What else did I get out of it? It really demystified the selling process for me, introducing a clear repeatable methodology to follow with a style of selling that I feel comfortable with. So am I about to be turned, do I want to be salesman – hell no! I just figure I can assist these folks from a pre-sales perspective more effectively now that I understand the “process”.

So what book am I reading now, “The New Solution Selling” by Keith M. Eades.

Also, check out this article as it provides a good overview.


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