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Thursday, September 15, 2005

It Sparkles...

Now I am drooling – check out this demo video - WOW! Sparkle and WPF rock! I just want to play with this stuff in the worst way :-)

I really do feel we are at the beginning of an awesome new chapter of software development where the UI is only limited by a person’s imagination versus the underlying platform. Where any developer/designer is able to create fantastic user interfaces without a massive development effort in: building the UI bits, creating custom controls, let alone implementing complex animation and 3D. The significant time can now be spent building the actual functionality and we can pass on the design activities to a professional designer who really knows how to make a great looking UI.

In case you didn’t notice I am excited by this stuff – bring it on!

As an aside Sparkle has been fully developed in .NET and C# from the ground up – it is great to see Microsoft really dog-fooding their technology – now we can see that .NET is a serious platform for building serious applications.