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Thursday, September 15, 2005

WWF Smackdown…

About darn time! This is something that I have ranted about for a few years, that for Workflow to become really useful it needs to be a foundational service within the platform similar to the likes of message queuing (MSMQ). Look at how the different Microsoft products have even had different, non-compatible, workflow features – how confusing has that been for everyone. This just made it hard for application developers and customers to build/have a single workflow engine that everything flowed through. This is all about to change :-)

Windows Workflow Foundation is a new feature of WinFX that forms a platform service for managing/developing workflow.

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) is an extensible framework for developing workflow solutions on the Windows platform. As part of the upcoming Microsoft WinFX, Windows Workflow Foundation provides both an API and tools for the development and execution of workflow-based applications. Windows Workflow Foundation provides a single, unified model to create end-to-end solutions that span categories of applications, including human workflow and system workflow.



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