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Friday, October 28, 2005

A seven bike family...

This is ridiculous, we are now a family with seven bikes! Time for a garage sale or ebay me thinks :-)

Both of our boys had their birthdays this month, and being the really nice dad that I am I decided it was time to upgrade their bikes. I got them Mountain Bikes versus BMX style so that we could do some off-road riding together. Finally the bike manufacturers are beginning to sell decent bikes for kids, which have gears, front suspension, decent brakes, aren’t made from solid steel and don’t weigh more than my car. I have always found it puzzling that a kids bike weighed more than the average adults bike – no wonder they struggle riding them up hills.

In the end I went with Trek; and so far I have been really impressed. They are really well made, have good components (SRAM and Shimano), v-brakes, and they look great (boys love the flame graphics). The bikes are the Mt. Track 220 and Mt. Track 60.


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