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Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III

On Wednesday, we had a company quarterly meeting in Canberra for all the software developers – it was actually pretty good, always good to catch up with everyone you don’t see very often. Had a number of presentations, the worst being a session from a Microsoft dude (name removed so as to not embarrass) on VS 2005 – he must have thought we were idiots. So if you click this, wow look it changes here – “hello, we professional software developers, we have read MSDN, we have downloaded the beta’s – give me a break!”

After that we went go-karting for a couple of hours – it rocked! I just love blasting around a track in a little car as fast as I can, bumping into those who get in your way (sorry MadDog - not!) – what a rush! Then we went onto a dinner at a pizza joint where the food was pretty average and the beer was great. Then someone had the brilliant idea, "let’s going see the opening of Star Wars Episode III tonight (12:10am)" - it seemed such a great idea after a few beers! Not so brilliant going to bed at 3:30am however with work the next day?

So how was the final chapter of Star Wars – not bad, but not great. It was better than the first two, some of the effects were good, some of the acting and dialogue dismal – but still enjoyable. Check this out for a full on review – not quite sure I agree with it all ;-)

Other highlights, funny seeing the uber Star Wars geeks dressed in the full gear enjoying their moment – haha! I see Darth Vader also has a blog – great to see!

This is how I rate the series (stars out of five), ordered my best to worst:

Epsiode V *****
Episode IV *****
Episode VI ****
Episode III ***
Episode II **
Episode I *


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