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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone...

Here is a good writeup on the Windows Mobile 5.0 for the Smartphone. The frustrating part of being a software developer in an ever increasing world of technological change is the challenge of keeping pace; every time a new device or underlying software changes it means going out and purchasing the necessary device etc. to be able to play with it. I am ok with doing this; it is just that the on-going cost is becoming prohibitive :-(

For the Smartphone I am on to my second device within the space of a year (i-mate SP2 and SP3i) – and it seems these won’t be upgradeable – so a new device will need to be purchased to be able to enjoy Windows Mobile 5.0 :-(

I think I will wait a little longer this time until the right device comes along as I am really happy with the SP3i – it would be perfect for me if it had an FM radio like my old Nokia. So, until a new device comes out that has an integrated FM radio and at least a 2.0MP camera – I will not upgrade! I wonder how long I will have to wait?


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