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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ZAM 3D...

Wow, Avalon is getting seriously close with the latest CTP and now we can start to see some seriously cool 3D applications coming out to support this very exciting technology. Check out ZAM 3D which is a 3D editor which can export to XAML (the markup language of Avalon) - as per this post from BradA.

Am going to have to improve the artistry skills to avoid creating some seriously ugly applications; remember when everyone started creating Web pages back in the 90's and how ugly they were [yuck] - let's hope we don't repeat all of that! One thing I have learned over the years is that most developers really do overrate there UI look and feel skills, great code behind - but look and feel - ew! So it will be about time for us developers to embrace our designer friends and work we them to create the coolest applications - I for one can not wait :-)

I wish they had picked a better name than Avalon, as that was the name of a suburb I used to live near in Wellington NZ when I was a kid - not a great place! Am struggling with the connection between this way cool looking technology and this crappy suburb - ah well - guess they weren't to know!


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