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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Easter break...

Well it wasn't all Easter Eggs and chocolate; the four day break was a great time to just hang out with the family:

  • Thursday night we went to the movie Robots - that was a very clever and funny movie - one for the whole family :-)
  • Friday I took my boys Kyle (7) and Caleb (5) for a bike ride down to the park with a small BMX track - good fun.
  • Saturday we took the kids to Brisbane Southbank Beach - a man made beach next to the river - very cool - plus it's free!
  • Sunday we did the right thing and went to Church - got to remember the real reason for Easter. In the afternoon went to a park and kicked around a ball and played on the equipment. That night we watched the movie Sinbad - it was ok - the boys like it.
  • Monday we went to a place called O'Riellys which was part of the state forest with some walks including a rainforest walk 20m up which was pretty cool.

The funniest thing was, Kyle was struggling with the Easter Bunny and why it was he and not a chicken that delivered the eggs. So he left a note asking that whoever delivered the eggs to leave proof - a feather or fluff. Thankfully, it has all been cleared up as the Easter Bunny left a letter and fluff to clear up the confusion, along with the eggs!!


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