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Monday, April 11, 2005

Some firsts this weekend...

Just had a great weekend with the kids – with a couple of firsts!

First up on Saturday, it was Caleb's first game of soccer for the year. It was just so funny watching all these 5 year olds running around following the ball like a swarm of bees - brilliant. And the parents are great too - all on the sideline yelling and screaming - in good natured way of course! It was a closely fought match that finally ended in a draw, 1-1. Best parts for Caleb, were doing lots of running real fast and having oranges at half time :-)

Sunday morning was Kyle’s turn. He entered the Weet-bix Kids TRYathlon in the 7 year old category, his first ever triathlon. It was a 75m swim, a 3km ride and a 500m run. He was really nervous before the event but really got into it once he started; the swim was the hardest and he managed to complete the distance, then it was onto the transition with some challenges getting his shirt and shoes on. Then off on the ride, his strongest of the three – once complete it was time for the run, which he did really well as he is not the best runner. In the end he completed it with a huge smile on his face, and is already talking about doing it next year. Awesome!

As they say, Winners are Grinners – that was all of us this weekend.


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