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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shingle bells...

… scabby rash swells; I want this f**kin pain to go away …

Thanks Santa (you bastard) for the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas - a case of poxy Shingles. Man this sucker hurts! There are no antibiotics for it and it is something that I have to put up with until it eventually disappears. Luckily I appear at this stage to have a fairly mild case, although I am still in the very early stages – the painful rash can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks, with the associated nerve pain potentially lasting for several months. Sleep is almost impossible and the constant throbbing pain 24/7 is starting to wear pretty thin on my patience :-(

So let’s see, I ...

  • don’t do drugs
  • don’t smoke
  • only drink light beer
  • exercise regularly
  • eat mostly healthy foods
  • get plenty of rest
... and this is how my body repays me!

Once this over I will pay it back by reversing all of my habits – teach it a bit of a lesson – it won’t mess with me again – ha!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice carol

10:36 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well obviously it was the light beer you pussy.

Dr Jarrod

1:24 pm

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