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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quoted in a magazine...

Just over a month ago I was asked to talk about Mobile development in a phone interview with Technology & Business magazine. This month the magazine has come out and I have been quoted - how exciting. It is a 6 page article and I featured in two paragraphs - better than nothing ;-)

"Web Services has come a long way in helping the integration of these devices," says Eric Sibly, solutions architect with solutions development giant Avanade. "A reduction in filling out manual forms means companies can get their processes moving a lot quicker, and built in reference data can improve the timeliness and quality of information they are getting. However, in applications where you need to do real time updates, you've got to look at the type of connectivity and make sure you know what happens if the wireless link fails."

Avanade had to address this exact problem during a recent project with Queensland Rail, which recently worked with Avanade to build a shipment scheduling system that used PDAs and the CDMA mobile network to let train drivers bring detailed information on shipments with them. With uncertain wireless coverage in regional areas, the application had to be designed with enough data permanence to ensure that they remained usable even in black spots. Collected data is stored on the devices until it can be synchronised back to the home server once the CDMA signal is picked up again.

Well that is kind of what I said. Close enough :-)

Update (28-Sep-05): The full article is now online.


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Loving reading your blog entries Sibbers. You are the new media! It's all about profile, isn't it...

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