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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Herbie: Fully Loaded...

Last night the family went to see the new Herbie: Fully Loaded movie at an advanced screening (Caleb's class were given free tickets - nice one!). It was actually a pretty good movie, a good clean family movie; we all really enjoyed it - very funny. Some of it was a little far fetched, but what do you expect? After all, it is about a car that is alive ;-)

The weird thing was because it was an advanced screening, has not yet been released in the US yet, there was heightened theatre security?!? On entering you had to hand over your mobile phones and any other recording devices; they even had hand held metal detectors like at an airport to make sure none were smuggled in. All a bit of a w*** quite frankly; I don’t think that Herbie is that much of a big deal to warrant all of the fussing.


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