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Monday, December 13, 2004

Telstra suck...

Just recently I have got Telstra Bigpond Cable hoping to realise all the benfits of the improved speed and always on access. Alas, my experience has not been good :-( Several times a day I have issues with the connection and am unable to get on. The stupid Telstra phone support technicians are next to useless; some idiot even told me it would be better if I ran without my firewall (yeah right!) Or everyone's favourite dip s**t support idiot response; please reboot your PC - sure that will be it; everytime I have a problem I'll reboot, hey I have a great idea why don't I set up a job to reboot the machine every 30 minutes - yep that will make it better! And it seems I am not the only one experiencing these issues with Telstra! Aaarrrggghhh…


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